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Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit



Accessories Feature 
Built-In Drawer
This unit has a drawer under the table to keep operation tools. This will save your time and space.
Foot Switch
This additional appliance can be used to control the chair height depending on the customer's condition or customer's requests. Applicable to : RX-2000/3000, RT-13/15/17/19, RT-200S/300
Safety Switch
This is very useful to prevent patient’s damage from the collision of client's knee onto table when a chair is going up. Applicable to :RT-13/15/17, RX-2000/3000
Auto Phoropter Arm
This is equipped with power motor migrating phoropter arm to access patient's position easily Applicable to : RT-15/17
Manual Phoropter Arm
This appliance has a locking lever to lock or release the migration. Applicable to : RT-15/17
Classic Phoropter Arm
This appliance is applicable to unit having chart pole only and adheres to chart pole and operated by a locking lever. Applicable to : RT-15/17

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