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Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit


1 Instrument



- 1 Instrument (Slit Lamp) table with Auto Phoropter Arm
- Choice of flank type of work table, Left or Right to the unit, depending on the alignment of unit to the working space.

- An Slit Lamp mounting table slide can slide in or out for phoropter test.

- Any Slit Lamp Power can be sourced from the unit thanks to a free-bolt SMPS converter, AC to DC high frequency converter.

- Pop-up Recharging Slot is very useful to recharge hand-held appliances like retino-scope.

- The height of Chair can be adjusted to your requirement by Touch Pad Switch, chair control switch and foot switch, independently.

- Room Lighting can be on/off by the lighting switch of the control pad on the main control box.

- A phoropter arm can migrate back and pro according to doctors’ requirement by using the control pad switch.

- RC-300 recliner chair enables patient to lie on the back with comfort for doctor's easy examination or treatment.

- The rotation option of RC-300 makes it easy for patient to come in or go out.

- The tilt of head rest makes it possible for patient to keep her lying on with more comfort.

-Applicable Chairs

  • RC-200

  • RC-300

  • RC-500

Unit Unit External Size 1400(W)*1600(D)*2000(H)
Slide Table Size 870*400
Table Height Min.700 ~ Max.860
Table Up & Down Speed 25mm/sec
Table Sliding Stroke 500
Allowable Loading Weight of Table 30kg
Phoropter Hanger Rotation Angle 34° ~ 40°
Rated Voltage AC110~220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 250VA
Product Weight 130kg
Chair Chair External Size 640(W)*960(D)*1220~1550(H)
Chair Seat Height Min.500 ~ Max.830
Chair Up & Down Speed 15mm/sec
Seat Reclining Angle 110° ~ 170°
Headrest Reclining Angle / Stroke 90° / 150
Rotation Chair / Armrest 350° / 90°
Allowable Loading Weight of Chair 135kg
Product Weight 90kg
Total Product Weight (Unit + Chair) 220kg
RX-3000 Feature 
Touch Control Pad
With this touch control pad, you can control a room light, the migration of phoropter arm, Up/Down of table and chair and LED Lighting all. You don’t have to move around to do this bothersome jobs.
Independent Chair Control Pad
The independent and additional control pad of RC-300 offer the same function as the main touch control pad concerning the chair control.
RC-300 Recliner Chair
This chair can recline backward at 170º max in addition to up/down and swivel when this function is added optionally. As well, head rest reclines too. With this function, doctor can concentrate on his operation while a patient lie on his back with comfort.
Recharging Slot
Table unit has a slot to charge hand-held retino-scope from Welchallyn, Neits, Keeler or Heine) without any recharging appliance.
Powered Phoropter Arm
The Power Phoropter Arm save your time and space whenever changing the arm position. Furthermore, the desired angle cab be changed easily by touching the position button.
Built-In Drawer
This unit has a drawer under the table to keep operating appliances in. This saves you the space and time.
Foot Switch
With this, you can control the height of chair without the touch pad of the main unit. This is useful to an assistant to manage the operation room while doctor concentrate on patient care.

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