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Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit


The OCLO is a compact design lens dust filtration and collection tool used to minimize microplastics emissions during the lens grinding and edging process of optical labs or stores.

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▶ Convenient and easy to use

- Simple operation and easy majntenance

- Can be connected to various lens edgers

- Compact design can be installed in small spaces

Eco-friendly product
​- Prevents lens edging microplastic waste from polluting sewerage systems
- The wastewater is filtered according to the specifacations of the Korea Water Environment Conservation Law and thus, after filtering, the wastewater can be discharged legally into the sewerage system
- The sludge remaining in the filtering equipment can be solidfied using a coagulant and can be disposed of as a general wasted(follow local regulations during disposal)     

Creating a pleasant working environment

- Improves your working environment by eliminating bad odor and unsanitary conditions caused by the lens edging process
- Eliminates the risk of clogging drains due to microplastic waste 

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Lens dust filtering system​

It is a filtration system that makes the operating environment of lens edger and helps easy disposal of microplastics that is caused water pollution.



Filtration method Circulation&Pressure type
Size 573(L)*504(W)*537(H)
Weight 21kg (±2kg)
Rated voltage AC220V / 60Hz
Power consumption 220VA


Air deodorization equipment 

Air deodorization equipment that purifies odor from the processing of lenses by using activated carbon and filters.




Deodorization method Carbon filter type
Size 223(L)*270(W)*490(H)
Weight 13kg
Rated voltage AC 220V / 60Hz
Power consumption 60VA

Dedicated consumables for O’clo


1. Antifoaming agent ㅡ AF-20

Inhibits bubbles and deodorizes the wastewater. The AF-20, together with he RDS-10, enhances the deodorization efficiency of the O'clo Lens Dust Filtering System.

2. Coagulant ㅡ AP-20

Solidifies the lens waste by absorbing the remaining moisture in the sludge trapped inside the filter.

Empty the sludge + wastewater mixture into a container, add 2 to 3 spoons of the AP-20, and mix them well. When the mixture solidifies, dispose of as a
general waste in accordance with local regulations.


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