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Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit


1 Instrument



- 1 Instrument (Auto Keratometer) table with Auto Phoropter Arm
- The Broader Table offers the broad space for 1-instrument

- Sliding Over-The-Top Table is the easiest way to move a heavy instrument like Kerato/Refractometer to position of treatment or recession in the small space.

-Applicable Chairs

  • RC-100

  • RC-200

  • RC-400


Unit Unit External Size 1200(W)*1700(D)*1750(H)
Table Size 1070*490mm
Table Height 840mm
Input Power AC110 or 230V/ 50 or 60Hz
Power Consumption 200VA
Drawer Size 545(W)*330(D)*55(H)
Max Load Weight 30kg
Table Dead 125kg
Chair External Dimension 620(W)*650(D)*1050(H)
Chair Travel Height Min.450 ~ Max.700
Up/Down Speed 15mm/sec
Allowable Loading Weight of Chair 150kg
Chair Dead 35kg
Total Weight (Unit + Chair) 160kg
RT-13 Feature 
90° turning table & Over-The-Top Table
The main working table can be turn 90° at Max. This rotation function is very useful to let patient in or out for treatment without any interruption to the doctor activity. And, Ove-The-Top table enables you to move a heavy Kerato/Refractometer on it very easily to treatment position or recession and stop it at the wanted position in the midway with locking brake in it.
Touch Control Pad & USB Port
With this touch pad, you can control the moves of chair and phoropter arm and LED Lighting On/Off. As well, built-in USB port enables you to recharge the portable devices you want without any additional appliance.
LED Lighting
We adopted eco-friendly LED Light to save you maintaining expenditure and to give a hand in preserving global environment.
Powered Phoropter Arm
The Power Phoropter Arm save your time and space whenever changing the arm position. Furthermore, the desired angle cab be changed easily by touching the position button.
Built-In Drawer
This unit has a drawer under the table to keep operating appliances in. This saves you the space and time.
The Choice of Table Rotation
Depending on working condition, The direction of table rotation, clockwise or counter-clockwise, can be chose when order placed.
Noise Control
We devoted much efforts to reduce the incurrent noise from the movement of phoropter arm and chair, up to reduce most of them. So, an operator can concentrate on his job and an examinee can be examined with comfort.

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