RT-17 B

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Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit

RT-17 B

Compact Size for 1 Instrument



- ​Compact Size for 1 Instrument (Slit Lamp) table with Counter Balanced(Manual / Classic) Phoropter Arm
- Manual Arm Unit for the Single Instrument or Appliance
- It is a compact product that enables effective ophthalmologic examination in a narrow space. 

- Optimized Size for a small space

- Compatible with any brand refraction

- Applicable Chairs

  • RC-100

  • RC-400

Unit External Dimension 900(W)*1370(D)*1750(H)
Table Size 810*420
Input Power 230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200VA
Table Rotation 90°
Drawer Size 546(W)*350(D)*55(H)
Max Load Weight 20kg
Table Dead Weight 84kg
Chair External Dimension 460(W)*490(L)*870(H)
Chair Travel Height Min.420 ~ Max.670
Stroke & Speed 250mm, 15mm/sec
Max. Load Weight of Chair Unit 150kg
Chair Dead Weight 18kg
Total Weight 102kg
RT-17 B Feature 
Work Table can be turned at 90° max. when ARK at recess
It is easier to change the examination mode to Phoropter from Refraction or in reverse.
Control Panel & USB Port
Equipped with Touch Panel and USB port. Touch Panel makes it easier to control phoropter arm and chair at one seat and USB Port supply DC Power to portable devices like smartphone or tablet without any additional appliances. (The blue bottons are only for auto-arm selection.)
Table Switch
Able to control functions of unit chair as central control system. (The blue buttons are only for auto-arm selection.)
Classic(Manual) Arm
You can shift this classic arm manually and fix it with lever.
The application of LED lighting as a luminaire reduces power consumption and bulb replacement, up to your money save.
Multi-choice of table orientation
According to your working style, you can choose clock-wise orientation (Right-type) table type or counter-clock wise orientation(Left-type) table type.
Drawer for working supplies
You can store tools or appliances you often use in the drawer.And change the pulling direction to backward according to your request.

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