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Refraction Unit Leader
Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit
  • Adaption of Electric Motor to a driving engine.
    Addition the smooth motion and silence of electric motor to ergonomic design provides unexpected performances, comfort and convenience.
  • Rotation of Seat and Armrest
    The Use of a synthetic leather of harmless, waterproof and excellent durability offers distinguished sanitary effects.
    As well, the adoption of rotation function to armrest and seat allows patients on the wheel chair and the disabled to easily access to treatment.
  • Up/Down Tilting of Back Seat
    The tilting backseat of a big stoke allows the patient to lean on the back with comfort depending on the treatment situation.
  • Tilting Headrest.
    This appliance support your head weight when head is tilted backward for eye-test or drug drop so that reduce neckache.
  • Control Panel
    All functions can be controlled through the touch control pad of the table unit and the additional pad of the chair or foot switch.
  • Specification
    Chair External Dimension 640*960(D)*1250(H)
    Chair Seat Height Min.500 ~ Max.830
    Chair Up & Down Speed 15mm/sec
    Seat Reclining Angle 110° ~ 170°
    Headrest Reclining Angle / Stroke 90° / 150mm
    Rotation Chair / Armrest 350° / 90°(manual)
    Allowable Loading Weight of Chair 150kg
    Rated Voltage AC110~220V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 120VA
    Product Weight 90kg
    Built-in Control Pad
    Back seat to the front
    Back seat to the Rear
    Full down
    The recline of Head Rest
    Under eye test or eye-drops insertion, Patient keep his head laid down for a long time, up to neckache so that patient move his body, up to prevent doctor's treatment.
    The Adoption of Synthetic Leather
    The adoption of synthetic leather as a seat cover offer the best sanitary effect of being harmless to human body.
    And it's durability, water proof prevents bacteria propagation in your life.
    Other Convenience Appliances
    All the functions of this chair can be controlled by the main controller of table unit.
    As well, it can be controlled by our optionally foot switch.
    A tilting backseat
    The tilting of backseat lay patient down on his back with his most comfort so that doctor can concentrate on his job at best condition.
    The Rotation of Armrest
    The disabled and wheelchaired can easily take a seat for treatment through lifting up arm-rest.
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