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Refraction Unit Leader
Ophthalmic & Refraction Unit
Two Instrument Table
  • 2 instruments or appliances can be mounted at a time
  • It can change examination instrument to just slide away or pull the table.
  • RC-300 chair unit has a tilting function so that it can recline backward.
    Table unit of this model can load 2 instruments like slit lamp and Refractometer at the same time and mount phoropter arm onto the phoropter arm, auto or manual, up to 3 instruments or appliances in all.
    As well, the tilt function of C-300 chair is more useful when patient lie on the back for better treatment to both doctor and patient.
  • Applicable Chairs





  • Specification (mm)
    Unit External Dimension 1400(W)*1150(D)*1750(H)
    Table Size 870*440 or 870*420
    Table Height 800 or 850 or 900
    Input Power AC110 or 230V / 50 or 60Hz
    Power Consumption 260VA
    Table Rotation Angle, Slide stroke 90°, 360mm
    Phoropter Hanger Up/Down Stroke & Speed 200mm, 15mm/sec
    Allowable Loading Weight of Table 30kg
    Product Weight 130kg
    Chair External Dimension 650(W)*900(L)*1230(H)
    Chair Travel Height Min.490 ~ Max.740
    Up/Down Stroke & Speed 250mm, 20mm/sec
    Allowable Loading Weight of Chair 160kg
    Chair Dead Weight 52kg
    Total Weight (Unit + Chair) 182kg
    Details of Features
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